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When it comes to Volvo Repair or Volvo Maintenance anywhere in Orange County, Camino Import Auto should be your very first choice. Conveniently located in San Juan Capistrano We service, maintain and repair all Volvo makes and models. Our long-time clients will tell you that we are Orange County's number one Volvo repair and Volvo maintenance shop. We use the latest technology to repair or maintain your Volvo and all of our Orange County Volvo repair technicians are ASE certified so you know your import auto is in good hands with Camino Import Auto.

I recently read an article in one of the shop magazines that we receive detailing an issue with later model Volvo oil leaks. The root of the problem is increased crankcase pressure due to clogging of the breather systeblack_engine_oil_recyclingoil_purifieroil_filterm. We have repaired quite a few Volvos with this problem. The repair costs about $1200.00 to fix the leaks and replace the breather system. This repair can easily be avoided if the oil is changed on a regular schedule. The Volvo maintenance interval is 7,500 miles. I believe that is too long on conventional oil (Volvo does not recommend synthetic oil but if synthetic oil is used then 7,500 miles should be okay). I highly recommend that the oil be changed every 5,000 miles to avoid this issue. If you remove the oil filler cap and look at the under side it should be clean. If there is black sludge like resudue then you are not changing your oil often enough. That sludge is what is clogging the breather system. Another reason for this to happen even if you change your oil at 5,000 mile intervals but do so at a "Quickie" lube remember what my mom used to say "you get what you pay for". There are different grades of oil and I have seen some really cheap looking oil filters, so be forewarned.

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We have been customers of Bobs for over 15 years! Bob is honest, fairly priced, hardworking, kind, friendly, and a MASTER mechanic. He has serviced many of our cars. We would go nowhere other than to Camino Imports :0) don't waste your time searching for a good mechanic, there is only one place: Camino Imports :0)
Chana W. Huntington Beach

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